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The center will provide a safe and stimulating environment, through enhanced sustainability programs that promote environmentally sound educational development, cultural arts, physical fitness, and civic engagement. We will have a sustainable vertical garden that provides Greener Little Seeds children and the community with a safe place to grow and maintain vegetables, herbs, and flowers.Greener Little Seeds believe that educating students early about sustainability is a great way to encourage and inspire them to help preserve our environment for the next generation. We have a responsibility now to educate, inspire and offer hope to children so they can believe in a world that is safe, healthy and full of promise for their children, too.Greener Little Seeds will empower children and the community by providing them with facts about environmental issues in a positive manner, and then equip them with simple but effective tools to live “greener”. We have faith that our creative ideas and our “green practices” will promote environmental awareness with hopes to stir up the passion in others to make sustainability programs happen throughout other eco-friendly initiatives.


Amenities will include:

  • A green vertical garden
  • A facility designed with sustainable materials including bamboo floors and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems to increase comfort and reduce the demand on fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gases; Zero Volatile Organic Compound paint that is free of toxins so everyone breathe air that is free of odor and harmful pollutants.
  • Resident chefs will come in to teach the children and the community about cooking and nutrition, using the garden’s bounty.
  • Offering health literacy through various educational programs; in addition to on-site vision and dental screenings.
  • Parental involvement and community engagement programs – for developing a framework to gain a general understanding of sustainability practices and principles and to identify examples of operations, programs, and management strategies for self-sustaining child development facilities.

In addition to a traditional environmental rating scale, Greener Little Seeds will use the Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings, a research-based rating scale that provides standards and measures to help offer the healthiest environment for young children, staff and volunteers in early childhood settings.

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